Fechtor Advertising is a full-service branding and advertising agency headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.
We’re smart. We work hard. We have really good bios. And our clients love us.
Other than that, we think that who we are is best reflected in our work.
We invite you to explore.



There’s a secret to what we do and how we do it.  And the secret is this:  We would do it for free.

That’s right. We don’t do it for the billings. We don’t do it just to grow our bottom line. We don’t do it to get big, or rich, or to buy another agency or to get ourselves bought. We do it, quite simply, for the love of it. For the pure joy of having a challenge, setting a goal, building a strategy, and solving a problem creatively. For the thrill of winning hearts and changing minds. And for the incredible high of getting great results. It’s a rush. An ego boost. A power trip. And it is so. much. fun.

So, that’s our secret. We would do it all for free. We love it that much. But food, but shelter, but clothing, but college tuition, but pet food, but nail clippers, but things like that — they all sure come in handy. Other than that? Yeah. For free. We really would. Sick, right? But the truth.


  • Research & Discovery
  • Strategy Development
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Production
  • Table Manners

how we do it

In many ways, we think of Fechtor as the “un-agency,” providing big agency thinking without the big agency. We are structured to be lean, with the ability to build the right team for each client. Fechtor has a small core, and draws upon its partnerships and long-time relationships with a trusted group of experienced professionals and consultants (media, research, digital development, etc.). In this way, our clients get and pay for only the staff and services they need.